Listen, and imagine.

My name is Diana Dugina, and I love a good story — its design, direction and development. d3

How an idea sprung. How a place settled. What led someone to do something. How one thing moved another: whether it was a person, a thing, an event, a mission, history, or destiny. These are things that I tune into.
I listen to stories in their entirety and the notes in between: combining words, images, and themes. Then, what's been relayed to me is transformed into impressions. They can appear on roadways, the printed page or digital screen, emails, Instagrams, banners, and blogs. Sometimes, they're lit by LEDs and race around stadiums walls, wrapped around coffee mugs, hefty tees, or suspended over the end of a grocery aisle. All to persuade, invoke, provoke, and convince. 


From mid- and large agencies to a small start-up shop, I have been fortunate to work with strategic marketers and creators on accounts both near and far, big and small. Applying tried and true methods, along with the new, is what I aim to do.

Now that you heard a bit about me, I'd love to hear from you. The whole story, with every who, what, where, and how. I'll listen, we'll talk, and then we'll get to work on the tale you want to sell.