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design, direction and development: makes d3re.

It all starts with a curious mind and how ideas are sprung. How places are set. What led someone to do something, and how did one thing move

another. These things hold my attention, whether a person, an idea, an event, history, or destiny. And it's my job to create work that tells the tale while capturing the audience's mind and eye.

In these stories and pursuits, and at times previous defeats, we extract and define the point that needs to be shared. With words, images, and gathered insights that befit brands to institutions, I transform these elements into definitive, impactful, moving, and recognizable statements.


My work creates the statements that appear on outdoor boards, social networks, printed pages,  television, computer screens, buildings, and more. The goal is to persuade, invoke, and stir viewers to respond with definite thoughts and the desired action. Enroll, invest, learn, buy, involve, et al.


From midsize and large agencies to a small start-up shop, I've been fortunate to work with strategic marketing management and creators on accounts both near and far, big and small. And I have consistently found that collaboration and clear communication are keys to creating the most effective results.

Now that you know a thing or two about me, I'd be thrilled to hear from you: every who, what, where, and how. Let's work together on making your organization seen, heard, and well-known.

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